How to Play

The Inside Scoop, How to Play the Game

The purpose of the games are all the same. The biggest difference in the games is that each game incudes age appropriate questions that apply to their individual unique situations. . Each player selects either a frog, race car or a person icon, depending on version, and rolls the die. The games begin with each player receiving a free Grace Card because God offers us free grace, You can pick up more Grace Cards along the board. After everyone has received their free Grace Card, you roll the dice. As each one takes your turn, you move the amount of spaces you rolled. Notice the slope is labeled for the stages you may go through – Denial, Bargaining, Depression, Forgiveness, and Acceptance. But we all know, it is never a clearly defined journey. You may skip a step, repeat it later and even continue slipping backwards every now and again. The main goal is to continue to focus on the goal by making progress along the way. As they move ahead they will have to either select an Action Card (a question designed to ask – What would you do…) or a Feelings Card (a question designed to ask – How would you feel…)  Every now and then they may land on a miss a turn or move ahead or behind spaces.  Depending on their roll, they may also acquire additional Grace Cards.  The Grace Cards can be used at any time if they select a question they may choose to pass on. Having this option available helps keep the kids engaged as they will feel there is a way out if a question becomes to difficult or emotional to answer. First one to reach Acceptance wins the game.
It is important to communicate that there is not a perfect formula but sometime, throughout your healing process, you will more than likely hit each one of these stages, although maybe not in this exact order. 

Want a Free Pass?

​What makes this game safe and unique is that everyone starts the game with a free "Grace Card" because Jesus offers us free grace. You can also pick up additional grace cards as you play the game. Any player can play their Grace Cards whenever they draw an Action or Feelings Card that is too difficult to answer. This always give each player the freedom to pass if a situation comes up in which they are not ready or comfortable with sharing it yet. People share when they feel safe and through this game they are given both freedom to choose and yet still encouraged to open up in areas they may have never gone before.