The Slippery Slope


It’s more than just a game…..

Kids jump from lily pad to lily pad, teens ride a roller coaster and adults experience the journey.
The Slippery Slope is a therapeutic interactive board game designed to help players to share their feelings in a very non-threatening way and help process the pain that is associated with the grief they feel when separated, going through a divorce or living through the aftermath of a single parent family.  This is a great tool to be used along with your Divorce Recovery groups, a counseling center or as a parenting tool in your own home.  The Slippery Slope games will help you guide your kids through the emotional process of grief while sharing the grace, forgiveness, and love of Christ. Whether in a group or as a family, start your healing today. 

Great asset to any recovery or counseling groups.  Whether you are working with young children, teenagers or adults, we have a game to meet your needs.  Explore the feelings of denial, anger, depression, forgiveness and more.  We’ve created three very unique formats to meet the needs of each specific age group.  The children’s and teen version is mostly introspective, asking questions about their own personal journey. In addition to these type of questions, in the adult version there are also relational questions, asking questions that apply to co-parenting and dealing with the ex, in addition to questions to assist in helping raise their own children. Take the chance – go deeper – experience the journey and discover that true healing can be a reality.

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Suggested Uses

At Home, At Church, Recovery Groups, Support Groups, Youth Events, Children’s Events, Teen Organizations, Para Church Organizations, Counseling Centers.

Game Versions


Chidren's Game

Kids jump from lily pad to lily pad and discover the secret to overcoming the hurts of the grief cycle.

Teen Game

This is your ticket to ride the roller coaster of emotions and feel the thrill of finishing a winner.

Adult Game

Specifically designed for adults experiencing a separation or divorce. A great tool to use as an Ice Breaker for your Recovery Groups.