The Journey

Being a teen is hard enough…..Being a teen whose family is experience a separation or divorce is even harder. This proven, interactive curriculum is specifically designed with the teen in mind. It will give you the tools you need to bring hope and healing to their lives.
"The Journey" was created to promote a teen's journey in healing, understanding the pain and confusion associated with a divorce, along with challenging them to find the strength to confront, accept and heal from the scars left on their hearts. Through this curriculum we challenge them to move beyond denial, deal with their anger and help restore their hope for their tomorrows. "The Journey" can help lead teens into the freedom necessary to understand and experience true forgiveness and acceptance.
"The Journey" is an one of a kind, unique program specifically designed to encourage and empower teens to recognize the feelings, fears, and emotions that is very common to experience through their conflicting emotions during this difficult time. Many react with anger, withdrawal, and intense pain, some even pulling away from family and friends. Research has shown that many carry these unresolved emotions into their own futures causing for additional pain and hurt years later if not dealt with as a teen.
We want to break that cycle before they find themselves in a hopeless situation due to unresolved emotions that could affect their own families one day. That is where "The Journey" comes in.
Whether "The Journey" is experienced in a weekend format or through the 12 week program, a teen will leave transformed and equipped with the God given tools to live a life full of hope and the promise of a changed tomorrow.

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What Others are Saying:

"Hurts Session - We copy the bandaids on light tan.  We also laminate the big heart so we can use it many times.  We use double-sided tape to put the bandaids on the heart.  Since there are no names on the bandaids, I take the heart to the pastoral staff meeting the next week to show them why we do what we do in The Journey  I also use this for presentation to other groups.  So effective!" 
"Depression Session - We laminate the Helpful Hints for the Depressed so they can use them for a bookmark."
"Jesus Bags Session - We laminate the "My Identity in Christ" Cards so they can carry them."
"Anger Session - Usually one of their favorite sessions"
"Scripture Search Game - We learned to have all the same translation for this game.  Hmmmm."

Teen Testimonials

Below are some testimonials that actual teens shared after experiencing The Journey event.
“Group activities were AWESOME!!”
“Doing the Band-Aids made the most impact on me.”
“I was blessed by others.”
“Wheel of Fortune was great!”
“I really enjoyed hearing others stories.”
“It was a great experience!”
“The tribe idea made it really a lot of fun.”
“It’s the best thing that has ever happened to me!”
“It was the best thing I ever did.”
“I met a lot of new friends who understand me.”
“The Journey really helped me get through some things.”
“I met a lot of people who have the same problems that I have.”
“I now know that God is always there.”
“I loved it so much! I want to do it again!”
“It was cool and good for me.”
“I did not want to come at first, but glad I did.”
“I thought it was a lot of fun but at the same time helped me through a lot.”
“I enjoyed getting to know other people that have been or are going through what I am.”
“There were a lot of emotions that needed to be expressed.”
“It rocked!”
“I liked The Journey because I learned a lot and had fun at the same time.”
“The Journey helped me with a lot of my hurts.”
“I really felt touched and cared for.”
“I loved it so much!  Everyone was so nice.  I want to do it again!”
“I can’t wait for next year!”
“Playing the games was my funnest part.”