The Journey Through Divorce

Journey Through Divorce is a resource provided through Sonset Point Ministries that is available to families who are going through a separation or divorce. Whether you had been married 60 years or 6 months, divorce is one of the most hurtful losses we are forced to deal with. Right now over 65% of all married couples are getting a Divorce. You are not in the minority. Journey Through Divorce is a tool that will make your journey easier and less hurtful for yourself and those you love. Whether you have children or are alone, divorce has a way of affecting all those you love and care for. It is my desire that through this membership you will learn better ways to deal with situations, find a place to get advice and material that will help guide you through your journey.

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Why Journey?

  • Divorce can be scary.
  • Divorce can be lonely but mostly.
  • Divorce can be painful.
  • Don’t go through it alone.
Whether your world comes crashing in or you make the difficult choice to let go, you will experience many emotions. The challenge comes when you try to navigate through these emotions alone. Your kids will need you, your family will want all your attention and that will eave little time for you to heal. Take the time you need and reach out in this time of transition. You will be better for it, your kids will be better for it and you will find yourself turning the pain to hope in no time at all.