The Journey

Formerly known as The Big D

Being a teen is hard enough…..Being a teen whose family is experience a separation or divorce is even harder. This proven, interactive curriculum is specifically designed with the teen in mind. It will give you the tools you need to bring hope and healing to their lives.
“The Journey” was created to promote a teen’s journey in healing, understanding the pain and confusion associated with a divorce, along with challenging them to find the strength to confront, accept and heal from the scars left on their hearts. Through this curriculum we challenge them to move beyond denial, deal with their anger and help restore their hope for their tomorrows. “The Journey” can help lead teens into the freedom necessary to understand and experience true forgiveness and acceptance.
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The Slippery Slope

Kids jump from lily pad to lily pad, teens ride a roller coaster and adults experience the journey.
The Slippery Slope is a therapeutic interactive board game designed to help players to share their feelings in a very non-threatening way and help process the pain that is associated with the grief they feel when separated, going through a divorce or living through the aftermath of a single parent family.  This is a great tool to be used along with your Divorce Recovery groups, a counseling center or as a parenting tool in your own home.  The Slippery Slope games will help you guide your kids through the emotional process of grief while sharing the grace, forgiveness, and love of Christ. Whether in a group or as a family, start your healing today. 

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The Journey Through Divorce

Whether your world comes crashing in or you make the difficult choice to let go, you will experience many emotions. The challenge comes when you try to navigate through these emotions alone. Your kids will need you, your family will want all your attention and that will eave little time for you to heal. Take the time you need and reach out in this time of transition. You will be better for it, your kids will be better for it and you will find yourself turning the pain to hope in no time at all.

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Games with Purpose

The same great ministry that brought you The Slippery Slope has 3 new tools that focus on Hope and Healing.

Interactive games for ALL ages:

  • Utilizes the most effective leaning styles
  • Encouraging, supportive & non-threatening
  • Great tools for families and one on one
  • Includes additional focus on divorce and loss