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Seven Beatitudes for Successful Co-Parenting - Part 2
Mar 26, 2016

By Krista Smith

2.  Be Dependable
I Cor. 4:2 “Now it is required that those who have been given much must prove to be faithful.
We are stewards of the children God has given us and God will hold us accountable for their care. To be a dependable parent:
  • Fulfill obligations in a timely way, without hassle and without using our children to manipulate the other parent.
  • Respect the other parents rights. Offer to pass along important information to the other parent and continue to keep them updated on situations that involve your children.
  • Plan regular meetings by phone or in person, so that the other parent sees that it is a priority to keep them informed of issues concerning the children.
  • Do not ignore their concerns. Listen and act accordingly.